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  • Small and Medium Dogs and Cats.
  • We Come To You.- Home or Office
  • Professional Certified Groomers
  • Convenience and Best Prices
  • Appointments within 24-48 Hours
  • You'll Absolutely Love it!

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Why Use Mobile Pet Grooming

  • Small & Medium Dogs and Cats.
  • Certified Professional Pet Grooming in your parking space.
  • Eliminate exposure to other animal’s diseases, parasite
  • Full Service Dog and Cat grooming
  • NO stress from travel and noisy visits to grooming shops.
  • You save 4 trips.
  • No messes in your car
  • Animals are not caged.
  • No separation anxiety.
  • Your pet is handled in a clean, comfortable & sanitized environment.
  • Eliminates pick up and delivery times. (usually 4 hours apart)
  • We do our best to accommodate our customers busy schedules.
  • Same cost as in the grooming shops
  • We have been in business for over 12 years.
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Try us You'll never go back to the shop

Standard Services and Prices

Our standard services include:

  • Tearless shampoo
  • Flea & Tick Package Available (optional)
  • Skin and Coat Conditioner
  • Hair Cut
  • Towel and Warm Air Fluff Drying
  • Complete Brush out and Detangling
  • Nail Trimming Feet Trimming
  • Ears Cleaned/Plucking
  • Blow Dry
  • Cologne


  • Small breeds starting
  • Short Hair.......... $85
  • Long Hair.......... $100
  • Medium breeds starting
  • Short Hair............. $80-$90
  • Long Hair............. $100-$130
  • Large Breeds Long Hair.... $130
  • Short Hair............. $80-$90
  • Long Hair............. $120-$160
  • Short hair starting.......... $100
  • Long hair starting.......... $120

Please keep in mind that all prices are an estimate, the price can vary depending on the size, condition and personality of the animal. Please call for a more specific estimate. Groomer will give you a specific price before they groom the pet. Cash Only Please

We Will Take Care of Your Pets

  • We come to you. Office or Home!
  • Best Prices- Often Lower than Salons!
  • Appointments within 48/Hours!
  • You'll Absolutely Love It.

Here's just a sample of what happy clients (and their pets!) are saying about Mobile Pet Grooming!

We Love Mobile Pet Grooming

"Mobile Pet Grooming has been my sweet poodle Annie's groomer for several years – They truly love their little customers and they trust him. Annie will not let me groom her so she truly looks like a different dog when she comes back in. She looks, smells and even acts so pleased with herself! I would never let anyone else groom my little blond watch dog –Good job Mobile Pet Grooming. We Love You."

About Pet Mobile Grooming

Is Mobile Grooming Right For You?

Absolutely! Mobile Pet Grooming is all about bringing to you everything necessary for the complete comfort and well being of your pet. Most of our clients have been with us for a long time. They don't have to drive back and forth to the shop, usually 4 hours apart. Also, it is a much quiter enviroment so less stress on your best friend. We are a 100% sure that Mobile Pet Grooming is the best choice for you and your best friend! Give Us a Call or Submit the contact form above. You will be glad you did.